Meet Your Coaches


Develop the body, mind, and spirit as one, through quality movement competencies, and the joy of positive and mutually respectful competition. Our main goal is to make you better in your sport by developing the Central Nervous System in the joint by joint model, creating appropriate stress for age and sport, in an environment that has like minded individuals competing and encouraging each other to be the best they can be. Your success is ours, we are invested in each individual as a person as well as an athlete.


SPS, main purpose is to provide the best training experience for every athlete.  We will establish this culture by assessing the athlete, filling in the gaps of needs, listening to each athlete’s goals, assisting them to achieve and reshape as they are met. We will always strive to learn more to stay current and ahead of the curve, providing the competitive edge our athletes deserve.

Speed Performance Coach

Jay Ray

Performance coach Jay Ray and his wife Amber reside in Gilbert, AZ where they have raised their 3 children.  Jay began his love for track early on in life at age 10 running club track in Tempe in the mid 80’s.  Jay ran both hurdle events and sprint relays.  Jay finished his high school track career with  personal bests of 14.74 in the 100’s and 38.9 in the 300m hurdles.  Jay went on to play football (WR) for Glendale Community College and New Mexico Highlands University.

Jay’s passion for coaching was born from coaching his son through Pop Warner while running a successful business in residential mortgage lending.  Jay also co-founded CrossFit Preferred in 2010 and spent 5 years programming and coaching.  Jay is CrossFit Level 1 & 2 Certified as well as CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certified receiving the cert from Coach Mike Burgener.  He founded to I.A.C.S. (Industrial Athlete Competition Series) and the Lululemon C-Town Thrown Down Event, both which where charitable events.

In 2016 Jay began coaching track and field for Highland High School in Gilbert, AZ.  Jay serves and the hurdles coach and has coached 5 athletes in consecutive years that have gone on to run hurdles collegiately.  Tow of those hurdlers posted top 15 times nationally.  He also assists with sprints and relays.

Jay’s passion is passing the torch to the younger generation.  He coaches with extreme focus and care for the athletes overall mental and physical well being.

Speed Performance Coach

Jim Trischan

Jim and his wife Andrea reside in Mesa, AZ and have 3 kids. Jim has 13 years in education and 22 years in high school coaching. He played high school football at St. Mary’s high school in Phoenix, Arizona and capped off his senior season with a 5A state championship.

He anchored that team on both the offensive and defensive line. Jim earned all state honors and went on to play collegiate football at Villanova University where he started every game. He finished his collegiate career at Western New Mexico where he earned division 2 all-american honors.

He graduated from Western New Mexico with a B.S. degree in exercise physiology with a minor in sports medicine. Jim’s high school coaching career highlights include coaching over 20 athletes who earned all region or all state honors in their respective sports. He coached a state wrestling champion and Jim led 2 different track programs as the head varsity track coach. Both of his track programs won district championships. Jim specializes in training sprints and relays and coached 4 different 4×100 relay teams and more than 15 sprinters to states during his career. Jim is a USA Weight lifting level 1 certified coach as well as a Sprint Mechanics Level 2 coach from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) .

Our Technology

What Is The 1080 Sprint?

1080 Sprint is a portable resistance training and testing device for sprints, skating, swimming and change of direction movements. It uses intelligent variable resistance technology to provide a very smooth and controllable resistance. It measures power, force, speed and acceleration with high accuracy.

What Type Of Data Will I Get?

The 1080 Sprint reporting options include the possibility to trim and dissect a sprint profile into meaningful pieces of information. How quickly does your running back cover 5 yards? When does the sprinter reach top speed and how long can she sustain it? Which players fatigue quicker over repetitive movements and which ones have higher power endurance? Does the left and right leg stride produce equal amount of force?

This type of information is easily attained with the 1080 Sprint and helps create a better understanding of the performance characteristics of the athlete.


  • Continuous resistance range: 1-15 kg (2-34 lbs)
  • Maximum resistance in both directions: < 30kg (66 lbs), during maximum 10s and < 45 kg (101 lbs) during 3s
  • Using a pulley max resistance can be doubled at half maximum speed
  • Maximum speed 14 m/s (46 ft/s)
  • Length of line 90m (295ft)
  • Line type: 130 kg (286 lbs), 1.7 mm (0.067”) diameter
  • Motor 1.5kW
  • Weight: 29 kg (63 lbs)
  • Recorded frequency of force, speed and power: 333 samples per second
  • Tablet with touch screen interface or laptop
  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1004x330x216 mm (39.5×13.0×8.5”)

What Are The Smart Speed Timing Gates?

More reliable than Dual Beam systems which can register false triggers, SmartSpeed technology uses Single Beam with Error Correction Processing (ECP).

Easy to use and simple to configure, the SmartSpeed app scans your gates for a straightforward setup that allows you to run training sessions effortlessly.

What Type Of Data Will I Get?

SmartSpeed Timing Gate System is designed to analyse and improve all components of training. Test large groups, speed up your data collection process and ensure accuracy by adding SmartSpeed to your toolkit.

  • Test large groups by capturing individual timing information with one simple connected system.
  • Save time by setting up multiple lane drills* to dramatically speed up testing.
  • Quantify reaction-based activities by collecting objective data.

*Requires SmartSpeed Pro with 4+ gates.